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onlineluckyroulette| Another independent director received administrative penalty and was fined 500,000 yuan

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On the evening of May 15, Meiteng Technology (688420) announced that Wei Huisheng, an independent director, received a written decision on administrative penalty for matters other than the company and was fined 500000 yuan.

Specifically, Meiteng Technology recently received information from Wei Huisheng that it had received a letter from the Hebei Regulatory Bureau.OnlineluckyrouletteThe Hebei Regulatory Administration decided to warn Wei Huisheng and impose a fine of 500000 yuan because of the illegal acts of information disclosure in Huijin shares during his tenure as an independent director of Huijin shares.

Meiteng Technology also said that the above administrative penalties have nothing to do with the company and will not affect the company's daily business activities.

Huijin shares involved in the announcement were disclosed on the evening of May 12 and also received a "decision on administrative penalty".

onlineluckyroulette| Another independent director received administrative penalty and was fined 500,000 yuan

On the evening of May 12, Huijin announced that its shares had been suspended for one day since the opening of the market on May 13, and that "other risk warnings" had been implemented since the opening of the market on May 14, and that the abbreviation of the stock had been changed from "Huijin shares" to "ST Huijin (rights protection)". According to the decision on Administrative punishment disclosed on the same day, the company's annual report of 2021 disclosed in April 2022 falsely increased its total profit by 1524.Onlineluckyroulette.52 million yuan, including miscalculation of fair value change profit and loss, failure to calculate credit impairment loss in accordance with disclosed accounting policies, etc.

At the same time, Huijin shares have not disclosed major matters in accordance with the regulations. On August 17, 2022, Huijin shares received a lien notice from the Yongnian District Supervisory Committee of Handan City to Guo Junkai, the then director and general manager of the company. In June 2023, Huijin shares took the initiative to report Guo Junkai's detention to Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau, and disclosed the matter in the relevant announcement on June 15.

Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau said that Huijin shares took the initiative to disclose the "announcement on the correction and retroactive adjustment of previous accounting errors," and took the initiative to confess that Guo Junkai was detained, which belonged to the relevant provisions that the administrative punishment should be lightened or mitigated. Huijin decided to order Huijin to correct, give a warning, and impose a fine of 2 million yuan.

According to an earlier announcement issued by Huijin, Wei Huisheng submitted a written resignation report for personal reasons and will no longer serve as an independent director of the company from April 15, 2024.

After years of development, the independent director system has become an important part of the governance structure of listed companies in China. Judging from the recent disclosure, cases of performance of duties continue to emerge in the interests of listed companies with independent directors and medium and small investors. At the same time, after the independent director's new rules, the supervision part also stepped in frequently to strictly supervise and manage the appointment of independent directors.

On the evening of May 9, Mercedes disclosed that the motion to elect Lin Hui as an independent director of the company would be cancelled at the 2023 shareholders' meeting held on May 17. Prior to this, Lin Hui was warned and fined 100,000 yuan by regulators for violations of laws and regulations when he was an independent director of Hongtu Tech. The Shanghai Stock Exchange sent a dissenting work letter to Mercer, determining that Lin Hui did not meet the relevant requirements such as the terms and conditions of office of an independent director.

The company referred to in the announcement (later renamed "* ST Hongtu") issued an announcement as early as June 15, 2023, saying that the Shanghai Stock Exchange had decided to terminate the listing of the company's shares.

What happened to Lin Hui is not alone. On the evening of May 6, Guodian Nanzi also disclosed that it recently received the "Administrative penalty decision" issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) to Su Wenbing, an independent director. Similarly, because Su Wenbing served as an independent director of Hongtu Tech, there were violations of laws and regulations in the disclosure of Hongtu Tech information. The China Securities Regulatory Commission warned Su Wenbing and imposed a fine of 100000 yuan.

On May 9, ST started and issued an announcement that independent director Li Youxing and CFO Rao Congmei failed to perform other duties in accordance with the law because of violations of information disclosure.